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What Is Stamped Concrete?

Stamped concrete is becoming more and more popular in Idaho Falls since it’s a cost-effective solution. To install a stamped concrete surface, the concrete slab must be first poured before stamping can take place. So, if you’re thinking of pouring a new deck, patio, driveway, or concrete surface in some of the most beautiful patterns, then you can have a stamped surface at a reasonable price.

The Benefits Of Stamped Concrete

  • Tons of designs and patterns can be easily punched into your overlay for both commercial and residential purposes.
  • The finished product looks exquisite just like that of expensive materials such as natural stone and brick.
  • Stamped concrete can be stained with either water or acid-based stainers to create a more realistic or appealing effect.
  • Unlike other solutions concrete stamping is cost-effective and very affordable for almost any budget.
  • Since there are no gaps or joints, maintenance and cleaning can be done easier.
  • The finished product has the capability to last for several years if done properly.

The Different Types And Patterns Of Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete options are perfect for some of the best resurfacing solutions and your entire space can be stamped if need be. As such, stamping can be done in just about any fashion or pattern. At Snake River Concrete, we’re committed to our customers and we’ve provided them with some of the most modern and stylish designs. The following are some of the most sought out finishes on the market:

  •  Brick
  • Ashlar
  • Flagstone
  • Fractured Earth/Slate
  • Cobblestone
  • Basketweave
  • Herringbone
  • Wood 

How Does Acid Staining Work?

As previously mentioned, concrete can be stained to give just about any finish., At Snake River Concrete, we also offer acid staining solutions for all of your concrete needs. During the acid staining process, existing floor coverings are removed and the surface is thoroughly cleaned. 

Surface removal and cleaning ensure that the acid can get deep into the pores of the concrete to create a consistent coloring and reaction effect. After the stain is applied, it is left for up to 2 days to ensure that it dries before our contractors apply a sealer. In the case of interior floors, a film-forming sealer is used while an acrylic sealer is used on the outside.

The Benefits Of Acid Stained Concrete

  • Durability – Due to acid staining, the concrete doesn’t wear off and the surface is also UV resistant and inflammable. Floors don’t chip, fade, discolor, or peel.
  • Maintenance – Unlike others, acid stained floors are very easy to maintain. If for some reason the floors are not regularly waxed, they don’t fade and they can be easily cleaned.
  • Appearance – Strains are accepted differently by different substrates and the finished product is filled with character and boldness which distinguishes each job done by Snake River Concrete.
  • Health – During the application process, staining with acid results in less dried-out skin and breathing passages during the radiant heat phase. Hence, the air quality is improved for all of the occupants in the building.

At Snake River Concrete, our staff is highly trained and they come equipped with many years of experience to get even the most challenging jobs completed. We take pride in ourselves as we work tirelessly to get your job done within budget. So, if you’re interested in stamping or staining your Idaho concrete surfaces, call us today at (208) 589-1982 for all of your concrete needs!