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Concrete Repair in Idaho Falls

Concrete is a popular, man-made, and durable building material used across the globe. The material is quite sturdy and structures made with concrete are fire-resistant and eco-friendly. But it is not a super substance. Concrete tends to wither and crack over time just like any other building material. 


If you are looking for a reliable concrete repair service in Idaho Falls, Idaho, you don’t need to look further than Snake River Concrete LLC. We are a trusted name in Idaho for all your concrete installations and repairs.

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Why Concrete Repair Is Important?

Like all other building materials, concrete tends to wither and crack due to many reasons. Extreme weather conditions for prolonged periods can alter the quality of concrete. This may affect the structure of the residential or commercial building. Here are some of the most common reasons why concrete needs to be repaired:

Structural Damage

Concrete slabs and structures are prone to damage over time due to seismic tremors and ground settlement issues. Concrete can also expand and contract in extreme temperatures. 

Drying Shrinkage

Concrete tends to contract due to the loss of capillary water in the long run. The shrinkage may lead to an increase in tensile stress. This will result in the cracking and warping of concrete.

Water Seepage

This happens when water accumulates outside the concrete structure and seeps through the porous texture of concrete. Water seepage over time can damage the concrete structure.

If your concrete structure is weakened or damaged due to any of these reasons, you need to call a professional concrete repair service in Idaho Falls. Snake River Concrete LLC is your preferred choice in Idaho Falls, Idaho for all your concrete repair needs.

Types Of Concrete Repairs We Do

Snake River Concrete LLC specializes in a wide range of residential and commercial concrete repair jobs in Idaho Falls. Our expert team knows that every repair project is different and the requirements vary. Here are some of the many types of concrete repair jobs we undertake:

Cracked Foundations

The foundation is the most important component of a building. Cracked foundations can be a safety hazard to people who live in the building. That’s why you need to call a concrete repair expert at Snake River Concrete to inspect and repair such cracks.

Resurfacing & Grinding

Concrete grinding and resurfacing can make your old concrete structures look brand new. We perform concrete grinding and resurfacing in Idaho Falls.

Steps, Driveways, Patios & Walkways

Crumbling Steps? Uneven walkways? We have the right skills, knowledge and equipment to repair all types of concrete structures. 

Foundation Repairs And Sealing

Does your Idaho Falls home have basement foundation issues? Have you spotted foundation cracks, wall cracks, or floor cracks? If so, you shouldn’t postpone repairing the structure. Foundation repairs should never be postponed no matter how small the repair is. A small foundation crack can worsen over time and cost you thousands of dollars in repair costs in the long run. 


Are you faced with a leaking basement or crawl space? Moisture in the basement can lead to mold growth and numerous other problems over time. Sealing the leaks and cracks is important to protect the foundation and save money. If you have any of these problems, you should rely on a trusted service provider such as Snake River Concrete LLC. to repair and waterproof the foundation. We are experts in all types of foundation repair and sealing problems. Call us today for all your foundation repair and sealing needs in Idaho Falls.

Benefits of Repairing Concrete

  • Preventing further damage
  • Reducing the risk of injuries
  • Improving the functional aspect of the structure
  • Improves the esthetic appeal
  • Saving money

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