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Easy to Apply and Allows for Varied Designs and Aesthetically Pleasing Finishes

Concrete resurfacing is a way to make damaged or dated concrete look new again. A concrete coating (resurfacer) is applied over the old surface, offering a variety of color, texture, and pattern options. Since resurfacing products are self-leveling, there isn’t an extensive amount of work necessary to create a smooth and level surface.



Compared to other solutions to repair cracked or worn concrete, resurfacing is cost efficient. The overall cost can be up to three times less than ripping up and replacing old concrete. Money is saved on the cost of materials and labor, while achieving the look of a new surface.

Instead of the expense of tearing the old surface away and performing an entire replacement, only that portion of the concrete area that is adversely affected is “renewed”.

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Adheres Soundly to the Surface

Concrete resurfacing is not pouring new concrete over old, deteriorated concrete. Because concrete does not contain bonding agents, if pouring new concrete over old, the “new” concrete will not, ultimately, adhere to the surface beneath it and will, with time, slough off into small aggregate particles.

Increases Resilience to Future Wear and Tear

The materials used in concrete resurfacing are extremely durable, with some being stain resistant. The epoxy-based systems not only upgrade the look of the floor being resurfaced, they also increase resiliency to stains, tire marks, and are able to hide minor imperfections. The result: the new surface has the potential to last longer than the existing concrete surface. Non-slip coatings can also be added for protection, safety, and security.

Increased Property Value

Repairing cracked, damaged, and/or worn out concrete structures renders a “new” look to “old” construction. The renewed, customized design aspect of the property typically increases the value and results in a subsequent solid return on investment for the residential, industrial, or commercial property owner.



If you have worn out and/or cracked concrete, instead of tearing out the concrete and having it completely redone from start to finish, concrete resurfacing saves time and money, and leaves the flawed surface looking like new.


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